“The journey to good skin is made one careful, thoughtful step at a time.”


The Story of Poppy and Daisy

Hi there. I'm Qun Bond, the owner of Poppy and Daisy Korean Skincare, and my friends call me Tia. I've been living in the United States for over 30 years. Curiously though, the Story of Poppy and Daisy began halfway around the world:

I was born in a small village called Hujiayu in the Shan Xi Province of China, about 500 miles west of South Korea. Growing up in a culture that valued healthy skin, I learned early on to protect myself from the influences of the sun and climate. For example, we used rice water to cleanse our faces and homemade honey serums to hydrate our skin.

I believe that caring for your skin is an investment over time and will provide you with pleasure and pride. It definitely made a difference in my life: I became Pingshu's first (female) TV news anchor and first chair soprano in the local Symphony orchestra. My career and life's circumstances brought me to America, and I felt right at home.

In 1990s America, frequent tanning and heavy makeup were very popular. Wondering how to counter adverse effects and slow my skin's aging process, I remembered the ingredients and practices I learned over the years. When my daughter was suffering from acne as a teenager, I used the 10-step Korean skincare routine to clear up her skin.

Armed with passion, experience, and the will to bring healthy skin to my community, I opened Poppy and Daisy Korean Skincare here in Morgantown. The red poppy symbolizes both remembrance and hope for a peaceful future, and the daisy represents purity and innocence.

Fervent knowledge of the skincare process, experience with all skin types, and offering the best merchandise is only one-half of what makes my company successful. The other half is the people that come and ask for advice, want what's right for them, and desire to retain their healthy skin or change their existing skin for the better. Some come to treat themselves for that little extra after a long day or before an exciting date.

No matter what you are looking for - my products and advice will likely better your skin, your confidence, and with that, your life. While the Coronavirus has changed the way I work, the results have not: You are one consultation away from your better self. I'm looking forward to talking to you on the phone or FaceTime, and to helping you feel your best in your skin.

Until then, I wish you glowing, happy skin.


Our Mission

Poppy and Daisy offer skincare consultation and merchandise sourced in a decade of experience with South Korean methods and cosmetics. The company carries renowned brands like Etude House, CosRX, Neogen, Innisfree, Pyunkang Yul, and many more.

Our products, individually matched to our clients, provide them with healthy skin, natural beauty, and added confidence. We offer a boutique experience far above your typical beauty parlor because we determine which products and ingredients best serve our clients' unique skin issues. Asian-American founder Tia Bond individually selects naturalism-oriented products with minimal components and incorporates them into their beauty routine.


Our Vision

Poppy and Daisy exist to enrich community members' lives through better skin health, natural beauty and added self-value. As an immigrant-owned small business, we promote a diverse culture and many-faceted individual beauty. We donate a share of our revenue to organizations that support AAPI causes and counter Anti-Asian racism, hate, and violence.


Why We Do What We Do

For us, K-Beauty is more than a hashtag - our cultural heritage and lifelong experience with a healthy skincare regimen fuels the passion that makes Poppy and Daisy successful. It changed our life, and it can change yours, too. Schedule a (FaceTime) call with Tia Bond, and you are on your way to more healthy skin, that natural beauty, and a boost in confidence.